Revival Fiyah in San Diego!​

Revival Fiyah in San Diego!

(Miracles start .40 seconds minute in)


Wow!! We are seeing so many people touched and wrecked with God's love and power! San Diego can't stop seeing God show up! There is a move of God coming like never before. The Holy Spirit is showing up in services all over and people are getting transformed by God’s love and power. We are sending many people out to the streets every week to evangelize and they are all experiencing the

amazing power of God flow through them into others!


The last two years we’ve seen hundreds of people healed and saved through our TK street outreaches and revival events. There’s something about moving in the power of God and allowing the Holy Spirit to show up and show off that draws people like crazy. Come join us for outreach as we continue to show off God’s love and power to this world!

Revival in Church!


Revival in a church setting!! WHAT??! There is clearly a revival starting to happen on the streets all over America and the world. But what about reformation inside the church?? What about seeing the Holy Spirit show up like never before in church as people experience massive conviction and repentance, massive deliverance, massive healings, and massive transformation??

This is what we love to see! We want to see the church cease to be a social place and again become a place where the presence of God can dwell and the Holy Spirit can move freely. And we

are seeing this at TK! The Holy Spirit always shows up and people get wrecked with his Presence and fire! We activate other churches with the fire of God as well and teach them how to activate the gifts of the Spirit in the body and get out on the streets to spread God’s love and power! People are ready for something new! Let’s give them the real Jesus!! Jesus said, "the zeal of my Father’s house has eaten me up". We need to have a zeal for God’s house that is only satisfied with the church being a place of prayer, worship, holiness, and serving one another. Not just a place for people to do business, find friends and be social. Community is a very good thing, but should never be put over the fact that the church is God’s house and a hospital for the hurting!

Revival Fiyah!​

Revival in TJ!


We don’t like to use the word revival lightly because many times people overuse this term as an expression to describe a manifestation of God’s presence or excitement at a church. What revival means to us is when transformation is happening all around and God’s power is showing up, people are being added to the kingdom daily and getting healed and baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit and fire just like in Acts 2!

This is exactly what is happening in Tijuana but soon the whole country of Mexico will be moving in the power of God! At our monthly Mexico outreaches we get the chance to pray for hurting girls in prostitution, men looking for love in the wrong places, people struggling with suicidal thoughts, drug

dealers, and those who are hopeless and broken, homeless and fleeing from the cartel. What happens is always incredible! People falling out in the Holy Spirit on the streets, giving their lives to Jesus, being healed and touched and getting their hope restored! There is nothing special about us, we just believe and expect God to show up and He always does according to the Mark 16 gospel!!

Church TK-San Diego


Service Times: 

Sunday- Main Service – 10:00 am 
Tuesday- Men and Women’s Bible Studies – 6:30 pm 
Wednesday- Fire Nights– 6:30 pm


Location: 6736 Linda Vista Rd. San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619.415.9143



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Church TK-San Diego


Service Times: 

Sunday- Main Service – 10:00 am Tuesday- Men and Women’s Bible Studies – 6:30 pm Wednesday- Fire Nights– 6:30 pm


Location: 6736 Linda Vista Rd. 

San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619.415.9143

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